How to make a GIF of yourself for Instagram Stories and Reels

Ever wondered how social media content creators add a GIF of themselves to their story or reel?

After being told that I would need a video editor to get it done, I decided that there had to be an easier way…and low and behold, there was.

It’s easy and here are the steps to make your own mini (you) GIF. 

Step 1. Record a 5-10 second video of yourself

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  • Step 2. Upload your recoding to will remove the  background of your video.  The first 5 seconds are free and If you register, they will increase it to 10 seconds for free. You can make an unlimited amount of ( 5 to 10 second) GIFS for free, Yay! 

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    Step 3. Download your GIF

    Step 4. Upload your GIF to your IG Reel or Story

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