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Training in digital marketing empowers solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, and small businesses, to take their business to the next level.   – Nicole Soltau

My marketing career began in year 2000.  One day, I found myself selling my college books back because I needed the money, and the next day, I was accepting a position as Director of Marketing with a credit union.  Oh boy, was I both excited and scared.  After all, I landed this job by chance (learn more here), but that’s a different story.

Later that same year, I created and launched my first strategic direct marketing campaign which generated over 50 vehicle loans ( $950,000) for a two- day car sale.  That’s nearly a million dollars in loan volume! I was shocked out of my mind, but played it cool .  Read the actual case study here.

Since then, I have primarily focused on developing marketing strategies for the Financial industry, as well as, the Ecommerce and Beauty Care Services industries.

Simply put, I live, sleep, and breathe, marketing (if I could, I would eat it, too)!  Marketing is my strength because it is my passion, and I want to share that with you.

I teach digital marketing workshops at a co-working space called YouMake Miami, located in Miami-Dade Public Library, in the Hammocks (Kendall, FL).  I specialize in overall digital marketing strategy, creating lead magnets, email marketing, marketing funnels, and lead generation with Yelp.  These workshops are at beginner and intermediate levels, but they are also great remediation for seasoned specialists.    

In order to create an optimal learning experience, each workshop accommodates between 10 or 12 students, ensuring that each student receives one on one time, and all questions are addressed.

Below is a list of workshops that I teach every month in Miami FL. All of my workshops include the application of  my P.O.W.E.R. FRAMEWORK, a step-by step digital marketing strategy to build fail-proof marketing campaigns.

  1.  Lead generation with Yelp
  2.  Transforming leads into sales with super-charged email marketing strategies
  3.  How to build effective sales/marketing funnels to increase conversions
  4.  Stay connected with 90 days of social media content ideas
When I am not in the classroom, I enjoy hosting digital marketing socials in Miami.  For more information, please refer to my Meetup group.

Miami, my sales funnel workshop is still happening at the library today. All events at the library are at no cost and open to everyone. Come and get your funnel on. https://t.co/SVDSwLVEaV DigitalDIYNow photo

Had a great time in the Happiness Bar at WordCamp Miami.
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First time WordCamp attendee Paul Miller ( developer) shares his experience. @paulmiller3000 @wordcampmiami

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"A lead magnet should be like a favorite dessert, irresistible."
Nicole Soltau
Digital Marketing Strategist and Instructor