YOUMake Miami Co-working Space 
West Kendall Regional Library- 10201 Hammocks Blvd., West Kendall 33196


There are usually 9-12 students in each workshop, which I typically like because it’s classroom format with lots of engagement and interaction. You will always leave with golden nuggets and actionable steps to help take your business to the next level.


Q: Are the workshops free of cost?
A: Yes, the workshops at the library are free. However, I also host other low-cost workshops. 

Q: Are these workshops for beginners?
A: Leaning more towards intermediate but beginners are welcome and encouraged to ask as many questions as they’d like.

Interested in hosting digital marketing workshops for your employees or students? All workshops can be customized for specific industries/ professions. Call me at 786-227-3382.

I also partner with Chambers of Commerce and Co-Working spaces to offer workshops to their members.

What students have to say...

I really enjoy attending Nicole Soltau’s workshops. They are thorough and visually stunning presentations mixed with a dash of subtle humor. Throughout her workshops, Ms. Soltau does more than mechanically go through her slides. She stops, asks questions, and engages her participants in a conversation about the workshop topics. Her workshops offer entrepreneurs new ways to look at their own business models without her imposing any sales gimmicks or other outdated ideas unrelated to their fields. This motivates them to think outside the box in terms of revamping their own business marketing strategies. For these reasons, I highly recommend those who want to start a business or improve their existing companies to attend her workshops. – Naylet Leon, Professional Photographer and Make-up Artist


“Nicole ,thank you again for your instructions yesterday. Indeed, I learnt so many things, and I am really hopeful to pursue my career in digital marketing.  Now I  know how to optimize a customer funnel!” – Guillaume Terrel, Digital Marketing graduate.

I have really enjoyed all Nicole’s workshops that I’ve been able to attend.
Really practical information that you can apply in your business right away.
Nicole is able to break down complex ideas into simple and easy to follow steps
that anyone can do.
I left with new skills and knowledge that would help my personal brand and business grow.
I highly recommend Nicole’s workshops for anyone who wants to learn about digital marketing,
social media and other related topics. – Joel Rivas, Life and Business Coach @joelrivas_