To create a positive, empowering, and high-converting landing page to generate leads and increase women’s enrollment in Scheller’s MBA programs.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are the first thing visitors will see when visiting our website. It is vital to have a strategy for how we want visitors to experience Scheller College of Business. The most common ways of structuring a landing page are: 

 Lead generation: These pages are designed to get people’s contact information so we can follow up with them in the future. These pages often have forms that visitors fill out and submit. Since we already have a lead gen form, we can use that form and personalize it for women.


Informational: These pages are designed for when visitors want more information about something on your site or about the company itself. They often include links to other website sections, videos, and scrolling text blocks with more details about the company or product being promoted (Think Foleon brochure for women).


First, we will create an informational women’s MBA landing page.

My preliminary pre-work included:

  • Researching women’s MBA enrollment trends

  • Researching the top business schools with a high enrollment of women, reviewing their content, and putting myself into their funnels.

  • Researching motivations for pursuing an MBA

  • Researching reasons why women are hesitant to pursue MBA degrees

Women's MBA enrollment trends

The number of female applicants to business school is rising, and more women are graduating with an MBA. This trend is due to various factors, including greater flexibility, better work-life balance offered by some programs, and a desire among women to be treated equally in the workplace.

A recent study conducted in July 2022 concluded that 8% of all CEOs of fortune 500 companies were female. Source:https://www.wbcollaborative.org/women-ceo-report/

Business schools with a high enrollment of women

Content and Opportunity Gap Analysis

The top three and their strategies:

University of Pennsylvania Wharton 52%

Northwestern University Kellogg 49%

  • Target 5000 influential women candidates
  • Bi-annual women’s summit
  • Hire 5-7 female faculty
  • Provide 30-35 scholarships
  • Kelloggs Center for Executive Women to equip women with the right networks, management skills, and knowledge to break cultural barriers and enter senior management positions.

Duke University Fuqua 48%

  • Leading with connection
  • Received support from male counterparts through a male ambassador program.
  • The Association of Women in Business 


With the ever-increasing competition among universities for student recruitment, investing in SEO is becoming an essential part of any university’s marketing strategy. SEO can help Scheller to reach more potential students and get higher rankings on search engine results pages. It can also help them to build brand awareness and trust with their target audience. The average cost per click for keywords related to MBA is $20. Working on our SEO efforts would create an evergreen funnel of leads.


Search Volume

Story/Blog Post Content Suggestions

MBA for women


MBA Programs for Women with Specialized Coursework

MBA Programs for Women Who Want to Lead

MBA Programs for Women Empowerment

Forte MBA


Forte MBA partner schools

Best MBA programs for women


Top MBA programs for women

Best MBA programs for working moms


Executive Women: Balancing Home, Work and School. ( Feature a woman who is an executive and currently enrolled).

Women and MBA




Messaging and Overarching Tone













Motivations for Pursuing an MBA


Content Suggestions

Promotion at work ( status)

Get Promoted Faster at Work with an MBA

MBA Promotion at Work: 5 Tips to Get Promoted

Increase Your Chances of Getting Promoted by Going Back to School

Earn more money

How to Earn More Money as an MBA Graduate

Switch careers

MBA to Change Careers: How to Choose the Right Program

MBA to Switch Careers: How to Make the Transition

Why You Should Get an MBA if You Want to Switch Careers

Become a better business leader

How to Leverage Your Strengths as a Woman Business Leader and Make an Impact 

Reasons why women are hesitant to apply (after conducting research on MBA programs)


Content Suggestions

Wondering if they have enough time. Life/Work balance.

Balancing Life and Work for Women pursuing an MBA.

Insecurities (not sure if they can learn new programs and software)

The Benefits of Learning Today’s Business Software

keywords: online business software training, learn new business software quickly, upskilling with business software)

What Are The Best Resources To Learn About Business Software?

keywords: online courses for business software, tutorials for business software, webinars on modern business solutions)

Start Learning About Modern Business Solutions to Stay Ahead in the Digital Age

A 2016 Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) study found that 30% of U.S. women cited “obtaining funds” as their biggest challenge. 

Tips on How to Make the Most of Your Financing Options When Pursuing an MBA Degree

keywords: budgeting tips for students with loans, financial planning advice for students) 

Lack of female role models

Meet the women of Scheller

Lacks encouragement from employers. 

Making a Compelling Case to Your Employer About Why You Should Pursue An MBA Program 

Uncertain about their return on investment

Blog Outline:

Introduction: What is the ROI of an MBA and How Can You Maximize It?

keywords: mba degree, roi mba, return on investment, mba value)

The Benefits of Getting an MBA Degree & How It Can Help Your Career

keywords: mba program benefits, career advancement with mba, career growth with mba)

The Cost of an MBA and How to Make it More Affordable

keywords: mba cost, tuition costs for mba programs, ways to finance your mba degree)

Exploring Different Types of MBAs and Which One is Right for You

keywords: different types of mbas, online vs. traditional programs, full-time vs. part-time programs)

Understanding the Job Market After Graduating with an MBA & Finding the Right Fit for You 

Source:Why women are the MBA minority and how that could change | Fortune

Content for the informational landing page

Above the fold
Motivating and empowering video ( example below)
Women’s College – Brenau University

Lead Magnets

Contents of the E-book

  • Introduction: Why Elevating Women in the Workplace is Important

Keywords: gender equality, female empowerment, workplace diversity, gender gap)

  • The Benefits of Promoting Gender Equality & Diversity in the Workplace

Keywords: women’s rights, equal pay for equal work, women’s leadership development)

  • How to Create an Inclusive Environment for Women at Your Company

Keywords: gender-inclusive policies, unconscious bias training, flexible working hours, family-friendly policies)

  • What Companies Can Do to Support and Encourage Women Leaders

Keywords: mentorship programs for women leaders, sponsorship programs for female professionals, career coaching and development for women)

  • Conclusion: How to Take Action and Create Lasting Change in Your Organization

Keywords: support women in the workplace initiatives

 The Scheller Precedence for Women (What is the Scheller Precedence for Women? If you want to attract women, be intentional about it, so let’s create precedence.This should be a section on the landing page.)


Gender Parity in the Workplace Initiative

  • Challenge employers to commit to gender parity in the workplace

Scholarships for Women

  • Offer branded and sponsored scholarships for women. 

Scheller’s Commitment to Diversity

  • Link to DE&I’s landing page
  • Create a DE&I certificate program that is included in MBA programs

“Scheller’s commitment to diversity should be led by Scheller’s precedence for women. A focus on gender parity in the classroom is indicative of a comprehensive  commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.”- Nicole Soltau, Marketing Strategist.


Display related articles written about women

Data-Driven Content Recommendations

Based on a study conducted by GMAC in 2018 from a prospective survey, the data reflects female candidates considering full-time MBA programs stated that major influencers were current business school students and alumni. 

Additionally, research conducted by our GRA Savannah in 2022 indicates that enrolled students prioritized recommendations from colleagues and peers as a source during their MBA search process.


  • Rolling out an alumni program to create actively engaged Scheller Evangelists/ Ambassadors. Alumni can arrange for a table set up with their employer for Scheller to promote MBA programs. Create more alumni events.
  • Monthly feature of a current MBA student ( live webinar that can be later used as on-demand content)
  • Video Q&A testimonials from alumni
  • Quote or Q&A from employers ( why do they hire Scheller graduates?)

Scheller’s Mentor Meetup

  • This could be in person or webinar format
  • Invite women alums to tell their story
  • Invite women alums as guests to Scheller Lunch Time Live

Meet the Women of Scheller

  • Conduct video interviews of women enrolled in our MBA programs

Meet “ Faculty Spotlight”

Feature/Interview faculty (women and men).

Quotes from the Dean

  • The Dean’s vision for women at Scheller

  • President Cabrera’s vision for women at Georgia Tech

Meet MBA Teams

Photo /Video introductions from each MBA team.

Scheller’s Mentor Meetup

  • This could be in person or webinar format
  • Invite women alums to tell their story
  • Invite women alums as guests to Scheller Lunch Time Live


Resources for Women

  • List resources here

Monthly Newsletter for Women

  • Add newsletter subscription box to landing page
  • The audience will be subscribers as well as women enrolled in Scheller’s undergraduate programs
  • The content will be value packed with very little promotion. 80/20.

List MBA clubs for women

Wireframe for the women's landing page (TBD)