Highlights from MPS Credit Union

In 2000, I hosted my first car sale. I divided my mailing list into 3 segments. 18-35 year olds, 35 to 55 year olds and 55 and up.
The results = 51 funded car loans.

Created direct mail postcards and mailed them to companies within a 5 mile radius of each of our branches.

The objective was to offer employees a credit union membership as a benefit from their employer. This resulted in B2B partnerships with over 40 companies.

Created this event to network with businesses in the area for SEG growth.. ( B2B Marketing)

Home Equity

Direct mail ( Certificate of Deposits)

We opened a new branch and used this campaign to attract new members.  Households within a 5 mile radius and  with an income of $100k or more were targeted. 

This little nutty squirrel campaign brought in over $10 million.

I sent the mailer twice out, twice.