The Scope

Objective: To streamline Google Analytics with Salesforce to pull marketing attribution reports. We will combine important KPIs from Google Analytics and Salesforce to build easy-to-read and understandable dashboards. By doing this, we will have reliable information to make data-driven decisions regarding our budget spent on Google Ad campaigns, and we’ll know which campaigns are driving results. 

Interim Solution

I started this project working with the Salesforce administrator, but that position became vacant shortly after.  In the meantime, I brainstormed a manual solution. I searched for the top ten performing Google Ad campaigns (within the last twelve months) and then cross-referenced them with the number of enrollments per MBA program. In short, I pulled reports from Google Ads and Salesforce and manually calculated the cost per enrollment derived from each Google Ad campaign. 


By calculating the cost per enrollment and comparing it to the target CPA (cost per acquisition), we would then be able to identify Google ad campaigns that are performing above or below in regards to our target CPA. With this data, we could make data-driven recommendations for Google Ad campaigns, keywords, target audience, ad copy, creative, and landing pages. In short, we could quickly identify what is working and what is not and adjust the ad spend accordingly.