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My name is Nicole Soltau and I help companies, solopreneurs and entrepreneurs to plan and execute their digital marketing strategies.

My marketing  career begun in 2000. I went from selling my college books back to the bookstore to accepting a position as Director of Marketing, all within the same week.

Boy oh boy, it was exciting and scary at the same time, after all, I landed this job just by chance (learn more here).

It was in June of 2000, when I first created and launched my first official direct marketing campaign for a credit union which resulted in 52 car loans ($950,000 loan volume) You can read the actual case study here.

Throughout the past 18 years  I have learned many marketing strategies in the financial, ecommerce and  professional beauty services industry.

I live, sleep and breathe marketing.( if I could, I would eat it too) It’s my strength and my passion and it’s what I want to share with you.

You can have the perfect product or service to offer, but if you do not have an engaged audience  and customized marketing, you will find your wheels turning with no progress.

The foundation to finding and creating your audience can be built, by….

  1. Creating your ideal customer profile ( ICP)
  2. Creating your sales funnel blueprint
  3. Growing your list with lead magnets ( offering mega value at no cost)
  4. Engaging and converting with data driven email marketing

I specialize in the overall digital marketing strategy, creating lead magnets, email marketing,  marketing funnels and lead generation with Yelp.

When I’m not working full-time, I enjoy creating  marketing how- to slideshows and mini courses. Actively searching for a new challenge, please contact me if you think I might be a good fit for your team or Gig. ( 786-227-3382)


"A lead magnet should be like a favorite dessert, irresistible."
Nicole Soltau
Digital Marketing Strategist