Creating Your Yelp Sales Funnel

If used to its full potential, lead generation with Yelp can be financially rewarding. It can boost your sales and anchor your reputation.
Many consumers rely on social proof to decide on whether they will make a specific purchase or not.

I remember, back in 2014 when I started to manage a Yelp account, I thought it was just an online directory of listings like the Yellow Pages….

I was wrong.

Don’t think of Yelp as just an online directory for your listing, but rather think of it as a traffic source of potential customers who know
exactly what they are looking for and want to make a purchase in the very near future.

If you create a visual sales funnel, like the one below, you will have a better understanding of the term ” lead generation” with Yelp
and how it comingles with your existing marketing strategies..

When I plan  a marketing campaign,  it really helps me when I map out the customer journey and it serves as a checklist to make sure that every thing is in place at the different touch points.


This visual helps to create my task list.

  • Train the receptionist or first point of contact
  • Create and test the email sequence
  • Update my Yelp listing photo gallery
  • Create engagement on the Yelp platform

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