6 Must-Have’s For Credit Union Websites

1) Email Subscription Box

There are two types of visitors on your website. Non and current members.

For non- members ,your website serves as introduction to your brand and as an educational financial resource. Visitors to your website may not sign up for your products or services immediately but that does not mean they are not interested. Do you remember the last time you were shopping online for a new book to read or for a new pair of shoes?  You found a book but didn’t purchase it immediately but you are still interested and may complete the purchase in the near future.

I’m not comparing your products and services to a book because it’s in a completely different category.  You are not selling a book but rather, you are asking a potential member to trust you, to grow with you and to make you their primary financial institution. Asking for a name and an email is the beginning of a nurturing relationship with your soon to be member.

Action Steps:

Add an email box on your homepage, specific loan pages , become a member page, on your  blog, and then create your email marketing calendar.  The reason why you should have multiple email sign up boxes is because you want to be able to send customized and targeted email campaigns and flows. ONE generic message to everyone will not get you the conversion rates that are highly desired.

2) Social Share Icons

Social shares are compliments and viral marketing at it’s best.

 It’s highly effective and low cost marketing when your member evangelists praise you on social media. Social proof has become a  major determinant for buyers in the purchase decision stages from both online and brick and mortar businesses. Social share icons should also be placed on your promotional pages and blog posts.

Action Steps:

Add social share icons to your home page and to specific promotional pages such as your car sale page

3) Lead Magnets

Initially, I discussed adding email boxes to various pages and now I will talk about taking a step further with creating customized lead magnets to grow your email list.

This is essentially still about collecting emails but by offering value for them. 

Below you’ll see that Interior Federal Credit Union has displayed a lead magnet on their homepage. They are giving away a $50 itunes gift card and to be entered in this giveway, their website visitors have to fill out their lead magnet form.

They are offering value ( $50) and appealing to a specific demographic ( itunes). Clearly, they are not trying to get my mother’s attention. ( Ha!)

Lead magnets do not always  have to be a product of monetary value.  They can be PDF downloads of content which provides a solution to one of their pain points.

Listing your credit union benefits are great but to set yourself apart, you will have to create more customized content to show transformations.  Your existing and potential members want to know how you will take them from point A to point B to point C to point D.

Examples of lead magnets:

7 Steps that will take you from being a renter to a homeowner

5 top mistakes people make when purchasing their first car


Action Step: Create a lead magnet for your credit union


4) Live Chat

There’s a good chance that your members and potential members are working during your hours of operation.  Adding a live chat option to your website provide volumes of convenience and the live interaction adds a personal touch.  The great thing about having live chats is that you can turn a cold lead into a hot lead instantly.

5) A Blog

If your website does not have a blog, it needs CPR.  Think of your website as the body and your blog as the pulse. 

Here is where you are able to make your organizational personality shine  and  provide valuable content  which would also make a solid foundation for SEO ( Search Engine Optimization).

I would bet my last french frie that more conversions are initiated on blogs because of the personal tone, transparency and transformational content that are found in most successful blogs. 

If you need proof, examine some of the successful FinTech companies  and study the content of their blogs.

Action Step: Install a WordPress Blog on your website.


6) Web Analytics

If your credit union is serious about taking the leap with digital marketing, then analytics will be the captain of your ship. Analyzing web analytics will provide you with key indicators of what is working , where improvement is needed and what should  be canned.  It is the compass that tells you if your digital marketing content is on point and if you are spending your budget on the right platforms. 

Are your emails being read?

Are your Google Ads converting?

Are potential members finding the information they need on your website or blog?

These are questions  that you will need to ask yourself and your marketing team, and this is also an effective way to justify your marketing budget. Numbers and conversions don’t lie, unless of course I’m  standing on a scale.

Action Step: Install the Google Analytics pixel on your website and blog

7) Retargeting Pixel

This is a legal form of cyber stalking. 

Just kidding, it’s  an efficient way of being able to be actively and respectfully visible to your website visitors when they are no longer viewing your website.

More on this soon.

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